Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ranch Rush 2: Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition | 55.3 mb

Sara is back in a brand-new exotic adventure!Along with her new friend, Coco, Sara encounters plenty of surprises and maybe even a villain along the way as you help her harvest produce such as pomegranates and pineapples while tending adorable animals from llamas to peacocks. Travel to the ocean for some exciting fishing as you collect gold coins to help decorate your farm!

Will spunky upgrades be enough to help Sara successfully launch her new tropical farming division, or will she be defeated by a diabolical menace challenging her at every turn? Find out in the highly anticipated sequel, Ranch Rush 2.

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Making Mr. Right [FINAL]

Making Mr. Right [FINAL] | 81 mb

Making Mr. Right puts your relationship skills to the test! Take on the role of the famous Dr. Love, a best-selling author of self-help books, as she conducts research into training men. Help Dr. Love teach her loveless clients to boost their confidence and hone other skills as they greatly increase their chances of winning their perfect mate in this fun Time Management game! Help start some happy couples in Making Mr. Right!

*Hilarious characters*Fast-paced gameplay*Help make Mr. Right!

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Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook-off

Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook-off | 71.74 mb

Travel around the good ole USA and master the flavors of each distinct region and impress the critics with the breadth and depth of your culinary acumen. The stakes are raised as you compete against the country�s top chefs in the Gourmet Grande Prix! Take to the road and hone your spatula against America�s rich diversity of local cuisine. You�ll have to prove your skills against chefs who specialize in everything from sprouts and tofu in So Cal, to cheese steaks in Philly, and gumbo in New Orleans. More locations, more dishes, and more furious kitchen clicking make this sequel to Hot Dish and irresistible treat!

Gestural and timing based game play dynamicNEW prestige measurement allows you to rank against the country�s best chefs and replay levels with different challenges.15 new gestures include frosting, painting, scooping, and more!Use combos to boost your scores to overcome some of the most difficult levels in the game.Earn gadgets that add spice, flavor, and complexity to your dishes.

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Build a Lot 5: The Elizabethan Era Premium Edition [FINAL]

Build a Lot 5: The Elizabethan Era Premium Edition [FINAL] | 107 mb

Welcome to the Elizabethan Era with this catchy sequel to the Build a Lot game series! In Build a Lot 5 you take the role of a competent master-builder charged to renovate the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth. Village by village, town by town you�ll rebuild worn constructions and modernize the Old England.

Build a Lot 5: Elizabethan Era is a real-estate strategy simulation game. Buy blue prints and lay out villages and towns, upgrade houses and watch the rental income pile up! The game offers two unique modes to play: casual where you can earn money and campaign, allowing progress through time epochs. Enjoy interesting story, bright colorful graphics, immersive audios and hours of simulation fun!

So, are you ready to ensure the Queen Elizabeth legacy?

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Club Control 2 [FINAL]

Club Control 2 [FINAL]| 91 mb
Bring a party to the wilderness in this Time Management game, and rock the Paradise Islands like never before in Club Control 2! Help Kattie expand across sunny islands, gorgeous oceans, and beautiful mountains. Create different clubs and upgrade your equipment to earn tons of money while you keep the party spirit alive! Choose different styles of music and decorate accordingly to keep your customers happy in Club Control 2!
*Awesome environement*Unique upgrades*Rock the Paradise Islands!

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  • Funny Miners

    Funny Miners | 47 mb

    Explore the fantastic Land of Gnomes! Manage your miners to get precious gems and gold! Keep them in good shape and become fabulously rich. Get rid of thieving rats, dangerous snakes, and other obstacles before they reach your Funny Miners! Collect fun bonuses and unique upgrades while you explore the Land of Gnomes, and try to find the valuable Magic Diamond in this fast-paced Time Management game.

    Hilarious gameplayColorful charactersFind the Magic Diamond!

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    SpongeBob and The Clash of Triton [FINAL]

    SpongeBob and The Clash of Triton [FINAL] | 72 mb

    Triton has imprisoned his own father Neptune and unleashed an army of Krabby patties on Bikini Bottom. The entire town is under his command and only two heroes can do anything about it. Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be found so now it's up to SpongeBob and Patrick. But can they stop their fooling around long enough to save the town, climb mount Triton, and put an end to the villain's spell?

    Unleash the power of the gods in order to restore Bikini Bottom. Play as different versions of SpongeBob and Patrick, and level them up with unique special powers until they are virtually unstoppable. Demolish Triton's warped cities, fight off a variety of Krabby Patty soldiers, including Boss characters, and free Neptune. Without your help, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Bikini Bottom are doomed!

    *Unlock special moves like SpongeBob's flying drop kick and Patrick's Lava Blast.*Defeat Triton to save Bikini Bottom in this zany SpongeBob SquarePants Action game.*Play as SpongeBob or Patrick with eight unique character styles.*Level them up to increase Health, Attack, Jump and Speed.

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